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Interview with The Rev. Jake Worley

(Supplied Photo)

The following conversation took place between Sharon Dewey Hetke and The Rev. Jake Worley in May, 2017, following Worley’s election as bishop of the Diocese of Caledonia on April 22, 2017, and the Provincial House of Bishops’ majority decision not to approve his election.  This interview was not published at that time, but is being published now upon the news of the termination of Worley’s employment as a priest in the Diocese of Caledonia.


TAP: First of all I want to tell you that our prayers, and I'm sure I speak for many people, are with you and your family, and with the diocese.  This must be a difficult time.

JW: We are trusting in the Lord, and we feel his grace, so Kelly and I and the kids are doing well because we know that no matter what, he’s sovereign and we trust that.

The diocese on the other hand is in an uproar

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Kristen Dobyns: Exiled by wildfire


Photos: Nick Van Helsdingen

Two priests from the United States were among the clergy who fled BC’s massive wildfires, along with their parishioners and many thousands of others. The Rev. Kristen Dobyns and her husband, the Rev. Keith Dobyns, have served in the region for the past five years. They came from the Diocese of Indianapolis. Before entering the ministry they had worked in rural family medicine in Washington and Alaska. Kristen spoke with Sue Careless, first in July and then again in September. 

On July 18th:

TAP: Do you live in 100 Mile House or Williams Lake?

KD: Keith and I live in 100 Mile House. We share a position serving

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Dr. John Patrick

Photo: Christian Medical & Dental Society

On May 11, Sharon Dewey Hetke spoke with Dr. John Patrick about assisted suicide and the need for conscience protection for Ontario physicians. Their conversation  coincided with the hour that thousands of Canadians joined the “March for Life” on Parliament Hill in Ottawa.

TAP: I know that Bill 84, the Ontario government’s legislation on assisted suicide, did not change the Ontario College of Physicians and Surgeons’ policy of forcing physicians to either participate in or refer for assisted suicide. Is it still possible to change the mind of the College?

JP: It’s always possible to change it

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Welcome, Rest and Dignity at the Open Door

(Photo: David Chapman)

In March, an Anglican mission group from Ontario spent four days at the Open Door, a homeless day shelter in Montreal. Sharon Dewey Hetke participated in a round-table discussion with The Rev. David Chapman, Director of the Open Door.  Chapman, who attends Emmaus Fellowship, an ANIC parish in Montreal, spoke about his work and about the clients he serves – who have become like his “extended family.” This interview was distilled from that discussion.

TAP: When we first toured the centre, it was remarkable to see the beautiful stained glass, the worn wood floors, and so many folks sleeping on the pews!

DC: Yes, well, a typical night outside for our clients involves

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Catherine Sider Hamilton

(Photo: Sue Careless)

After the recent consecration in Toronto Sue Careless spoke with Catherine Sider Hamilton, who is the priest-in-charge at St. Matthew’s Anglican Church, Riverdale and Assistant Professor in New Testament and Greek at Wycliffe College.

ON JAN. 6th, the day before the controversial consecration of three new bishops in the Diocese of Toronto (see p. 6 for story), the Rev. Dr. Catherine Sider Hamilton wrote personally to Archbishop Colin Johnson, her diocesan bishop:

“As one of the concerned clergy and laypeople in this diocese I want to thank you for your willingness to hear the deep dismay

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