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Presbyterian Church (USA) accepts openly gay clergy

(Staff) ON MAY 10 the Presbyterian Church USA (PCUSA) entered the expanding ranks of Christian denominations that allow sexually active gay and lesbian clergy. They join The Epsicopal Church, United Church of Christ and the Evangelical Lutheran Church of America.  
But the trend could be slowing down.

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R.I.P. Bernard Nathanson, 84, Abortion activist became prolife leader 

By Fr. Raymond J. De Souza

A key American abortion activist who converted first to the prolife cause and later to Christianity died of cancer Feb. 21 in his native New York.
In 1968 Bernard Nathanson co-founded the National Association for the Repeal of Abortion Laws (now called the National Abortion Rights Action League), and became a leading campaigner for the unlimited abortion licence

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South Carolina Takes Defensive Stand

The Diocese of South Carolina – one of the few orthodox dioceses remaining in The Episcopal Church (TEC) – has ratified on final passage the amendments to its diocesan Constitution

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Canadians consult with Communion Partners in Orlando

NINETY BISHOPS and clergy gathered in Orlando, Florida, Nov. 15-17 for a three-day conference of Communion Partners. Developed in the wake of tensions within the Episcopal Church, Communion Partners is a fellowship linking members to the larger Anglican Communion, offering fellowship, support and a forum for mutual concerns, as well as support for the Anglican Covenant.

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Quiz finds Americans religious illiterates

Atheists & agnostics score better than believers

(Staff)  A SHORT QUIZ has revealed that Americans, many of whom describe themselves as deeply religious, are actually woefully ignorant of their own faith and the major faiths of their fellow Americans.

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