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Nine TEC bishops charged with misconduct

Bishop John Howe


(Staff)  A REFERENCE PANEL of The Episcopal Church (TEC) has found that a case of misconduct can be made against nine serving and retired TEC bishops under that Church’s controversial Title IV disciplinary canons.

The case against the bishops proceeds from two separate

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300 questions & answers: ACNA to create new online Catechism

IN SEPTEMBER 2011, the College of Bishops of the Anglican Church in North America (ACNA) commissioned a Catechesis Task Force to create a Catechumenate in which Christians are made, instructed, equipped and sent out in a mission to spread the Gospel.
The Ancient Church relied heavily upon the Catechumenate process, typically taking one to three years to bring pagans

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Episcopal Church allows same-sex blessings

By Douglas Leblanc

THE GENERAL CONVENTION of The Episcopal Church, which met in Indianapolis in July, has authorized a provisional rite for the blessing of same-sex couples. The resolution does not make the rites mandatory, but leaves it up to each diocesan bishop to implement them, adapt them for local use or not use them at all.
On July 9th the House of Bishops approved

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Tribute: Charles Colson (1931-2012)

Charles Colson



(Staff)  CHARLES COLSON, the “dirty tricks” political operative who was jailed for a Watergate-related burglary but who, after a religious conversion, founded the largest prison ministry in the world, died on April 21st . He was 80 years old.  
He once boasted that he would “walk over [his] own grandmother” to ensure the re-election of President Richard Nixon. One of the traits Colson shared with Nixon

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Merry Times at Mere Anglicanism

‘The best of the Anglican tradition is not afraid to reason, not ashamed to adore.’
–Richard Chartres, Bishop of London

By Sue Careless

ABOUT 260 PEOPLE gathered at the seventh annual Mere Anglicanism conference in Charleston, South Carolina, Jan. 19-21 to hear bishops and deans from across the world speak about their confidence in “The Once and Future Church.”
The Rt. Rev. Richard Chartres, Bishop of London, said he had first thought he was invited to “Merry Anglicanism.” Hot biscuits, Southern hospitality,

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