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New York City: Faith groups granted after-hours school space for worship

By Nicola Menzie

THE NEW YORK City Council passed a resolution May 22nd in support of Christians and other faith groups being granted “equal access” to gather for worship on public school property after hours. The 38-11 vote is seen as another sign of progress in a lengthy battle that threatens the right of Christians and other faith groups to use such spaces to gather for worship.

“We had a huge, huge victory today,” Pastor Bill Devlin said of the “Right to Worship” resolution, according to World Magazine.

Devlin and City Councilman Fernando Cabrera, a Democratic representative of the Bronx borough, have been at the forefront of a grassroots push to grant churches equal access to public school space.

“Here you have the most progressively leaning Democratic city council in the entire U.S. and they vote by a huge margin in favour of the freedom to worship.”     TAP               –Christian Post


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