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Religious Freedom in the Workplace: British Airways employee vindicated

Nadia Eweida

By Amaris Cole

THE EUROPEAN COURT of Human Rights has ruled in favour of the British Airways worker who was disciplined for wearing a cross, but upheld the original verdicts against three other Christians.
Nadia Eweida, 60, received confirmation by judges Jan. 15th that she had suffered discrimination at work over her religious beliefs, a violation under

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Popular BBC series based on true stories: Call the Midwife a Spiritual Adventure

By Sue Careless

HOW REFRESHING to find a television series that does not sentimentalize, mock or veterinarians demonize people who are motivated by their Christian faith. The smash BBC hit Call the Midwife portrays four Anglican nuns as four distinct and sympathetic characters, as varied and engaging as the four lay midwives who live and work alongside them. The religious order is seen through the eyes

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C of E to allow celibate gay bishops 

Church of Nigeria threatens break with English church  

(Staff) ARCHBISHOP Nicholas Okoh of Nigeria said the bishops of his church had agreed to break with the Church of England should the English bishops’ recent ruling on openly gay clergy being eligible for the episcopate be implemented.

The House of Bishops of the Church of England decided quietly in mid-December that homosexual clergy in civil partnerships can become bishops so long as they remain sexually abstinent. The decision only became public knowledge

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C of E rejects women bishops by narrow vote

Another vote expected next July

By George Conger


THE GENERAL Synod of the Church of England has rejected legislation allowing women priests to be appointed to the episcopate. Following 12 years of legislative progress and several hours of debate on Nov. 20, the Consecration and Ordination of Women Measure failed to pass in all three houses of the Church of England’s legislative body.

A two-thirds margin was required in all three houses to amend church canons [laws] to permit women bishops. While the bishops and clergy endorsed the measure,

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Rowan Williams retires at the end of 2012. (Photo: Sue Careless)

Comment by Ephraim Radner

ROWAN WILLIAMS’ formal announcement of his end-of-year resignation as Archbishop of Canterbury comes as no surprise. Well-sourced public rumours had been circulating for some months but it will take time to provide an accurate assessment of his tenure.
He came to the position as the most highly-touted

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