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When I Was a Child I Read Books

Reviewed by Julie Lane-Gay

By Marilynne Robinson
Farrar, Strauss and Giroux, 2012
Hardcover, 206 pages, $27.99

When I Was a Child I Read Books is one of those titles that calls out to you like a club password. Some of us want to raise our hand and quietly call out, “Yes! Me too!”  Its connotation grabs at that sensibility that the world is changing too fast and you’re worried about living in a world where Charlotte the Spider, Huck Finn and Frodo are no longer

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The Tenth Parallel: Dispatches from the Fault Line between Christianity and Islam

By Eliza Griswold
Picador, updated Aug. 2011
Trade Paper, 336 pages, $14
Audio Book $20

ELIZA GRISWOLD’S TOPIC – the fault line between Islam and Christianity, which has historically been the tenth parallel north of the equator – is one that has long cried out for a treatment offering fair-minded observation, research, and balanced insight. I was pleasantly surprised

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Counterfeit gods offer empty promises

By Timothy Keller
Riverhead (TRD), 2009
Paperback, 240 pages , $17.50

TIMOTHY KELLER KNOWS how to tell Bible stories. Like The Prodigal God before it, his latest book, Counterfeit Gods, is built around them. And every time I read one of those stories, I feel like

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Grand Entrance: Worship on Earth as in Heaven

Reviewed by Tim Perry

By Edith M. Humphrey
Baker Academic, Grand Rapids, 2011; Softcover, 272 pages, $26.50

MANY BOOKS about Christian worship are written with an edge – to denounce or defend this or that denomination, style or practice. A book combining clear convictions with generosity

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Finding Pieces of the Puzzle: A Fresh Look at the Christian Story

By Ronald A.N. Kydd
WIPF & Stock Publishers, Eugene, Oregon, 2011
Softcover, 271 pages,
$31.00 retail or $24.80 direct from publishers

THIS BOOK is a testament to both Ron Kydd’s scholarship and to his understanding of how the ancient Christian world coalesces with the new global reorganization (through immigration) that Christians must understand and address if we are to be a faithful determinate in today’s world.
Kydd, who is Research Professor of Church History at Tyndale Seminary in Toronto, wants to share

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