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Members of the TAP community should first read and understand the Anglican Covenant. Basically it means that you want to be part of the Anglican Communion, and you want the Communion to be able to work together in harmony.  Although the Covenant is not about "Doctine" per se, it is all about faithfulness to the Gospel, as Anglicans have inherited it through the centuries.

The TAP community is not about any single churchmanship – we are made up of Anglicans of all kinds, just like the Anglican Communion itself.  We're not about negativity and complaining about everything – we're about building up the body of Christ around the world in positive ways.

Much of the TAP online community is open to the public, but a few features are restricted to members only. In order to keep the work of TAP alive, we ask for a $10 donation for a year’s membership. In order to receive six issues of the Anglican Planet, as well as free membership in the online community, you can use the form on the right to subscribe today.


What is The Anglican Planet?

The Anglican Planet or TAP seeks to serve the worldwide Anglican Communion as a source of intellectual, biblical and spiritual renewal. We have top-notch writers and a first-class editorial board. Our writers and contributors come from all over the Anglican world. We are your window into the Communion.

What do we do?

We try to do three things. First, we root ourselves in the best of the Anglican tradition. Through our anglicanBrains section, we delve deeply into scripture and theology to see what it has for us in the 21st Century. And we look back to see how theologians in the past have considered the questions that we are presented with today.

Second, we look to see what God the Holy Spirit is doing in our world today. Our Frontline Ministry section highlights innovative ministry initiatives in the Church. Informative articles and insightful editorials help our readers to locate themselves within the Global Anglican Communion.

Third, TAP works hard to paint a positive vision for the future of Anglicanism around the world. We bring the best Anglican thinkers into the homes of everyday Christians.

TheAnglicanPlanet is not an official journal of any single organization or ecclesiastical body within the Anglican Communion, and has an independent editorial policy.