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Easter, 2013: Wendy LeMarquand

(Photo: Canon Dr John Macdonald)

Canadians Dr. Wendy LeMarquand and her husband, Bishop Grant LeMarquand, moved from their home in Ambridge, Pennsylvania last fall to serve in the community of Gambella, located in western Ethiopia near the Sudanese border. Their work is primarily among refugees who have fled Sudan. Bishop Grant is an area bishop for the Episcopal Diocese of Egypt, responsible for the Horn of Africa. Debra Fieguth interviewed “Dr. Wendy” in Addis Ababa via Skype.

TAP: What is your work or week day like? What do you do as a physician in your new environment?

WLM: That’s an excellent question. The fact that I don’t have government permission to work as a physician at this point has given me a chance to see what I might do once my paperwork is approved. They’re really careful in Ethiopia. In the meantime

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Lent, 2013: Robert Hardwick

The Rev. Rob Hardwick, Bp.-Elect of Qu’Appelle, recently spoke with Sharon Dewey Hetke. Hardwick was trained as a machinist building artillery weapons and later served with the Nottinghamshire Constabulary. He converted at age 26, became a priest in the Church of England and then was called to Canada. He will be consecrated in Regina on March 2nd.

TAP: What prompted you to come to Canada to serve as a priest?

RH: The Lord did. It was a strong calling, around Christmas 2000, to go to Canada. My wife is actually Canadian; she’d lived in England for 23 years.  A part of the difficulty in testing a call is: Is it something that you want to do for your own reasons, or

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Christian girl released

Family receives death threats

ON NOV. 20, after considerable international protest, the Islamabad High Court in Pakistan ordered that the case against Rimsha Masih, the teenage Pakistani Christian girl accused of burning pages from the Koran, be dismissed due to lack of evidence. A Muslim cleric is now facing charges of planting evidence and will be tried for making false accusations. According to one of her lawyers

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Christmas, 2012: Murray Henderson

(Photo: Sue Careless)

In response to the ongoing conflict in the Anglican Church of Canada, a group of orthodox Anglicans have formed the Anglican Communion Alliance. The Rev. Murray Henderson, now Chair of ACA, recently spoke with Sharon Dewey Hetke about their mission.


TAP: Tell me about the Anglican Communion Alliance.

MH: The mission of the ACA is to be a centre of spiritual and biblical orthodoxy in the Anglican Church of Canada – and the emphasis there would certainly be within the ACC. It originated out of Anglican Essentials [which was composed of a Network group and a Federation group] when the Network people felt they couldn’t stay within the ACC, after General Synod in Winnipeg in 2007. What had, within Essentials, been the Federation – which had always said ‘We want to try to work within the ACC and bear witness

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Advent, 2012: J.I. Packer

Dr. J.I. Packer discusses with Julie Lane-Gay the significance of the Book
of Common Prayer (1662) upon its 350th Anniversary. The renowned theologian calls the Prayer Book ’the Bible orchestrated for worship.’


TAP: How did the Book of Common Prayer first get your attention?

JIP: I was taken to church from an early age, and was thus reared on the 1662 English (Prayer) Book, but no one ever explained any of it to me. So Sunday worship by the BCP never meant more to me than regularly cleaning my teeth –

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