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Interview with Bp Michael Nazir-Ali


March 2010: Glenn Smith on Haiti

Earthquakes may qualify as acts of God. But don't try blaming the Almighty for the calamity gripping Haiti right now if you're talking to Glenn Smith. The director of Christian Direction in Montreal holds an honourary doctorate from Haiti's private universities for his contribution to Haiti's urban theological practice. For more than 15 years he has been travelling four times a year to Haiti where he helps train pastors to care for their cities. Human negligence, Smith tells Josiah Neufeld, and perhaps even a deficient theology are at least partly to blame for this tragedy.


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Feb 2010: Bruce Smith

Photo: Church Army

Bruce Smith, National Director, Church Army 

Recently Jane Harris-Zsovan spoke with Captain Bruce Smith, 54, National Director of the Church Army, about his more than 35 years in the Church Army in Canada as well as evangelism in the 21st Century. 

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Jan 2010 - Bane and Blessing

Ten Anglican priests from across Canada tell Sue Careless how the so-called “great recession” has affected their parishes.  

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Dec 2009: Jenny Andison

Jenny Andison. Photo: Diocese of TorontoJenny Andison is the Archbishop’s Officer for Mission for the Diocese of Toronto. She is an ordained priest still working half-time at St Paul’s Bloor Street. Alex Newman spoke to her about what it means to be a missional church.

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