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May 2010: Laura Berends

Laura BerendsAlex Newman talks with Laura Berends, a 26-year-old elementary school teacher living in a high rise apartment amidst the mostly poor refugee and immigrant families whose children she teaches at Grenoble Public School in Flemingdon Park. She does this under the auspices of Move In, a movement begun two years ago for the purpose of having Christians live in the neighbourhoods with the people they serve, sharing their joys and troubles. It is meant to create “an opportunity to be right there as salt and light, as the hands and feet of Christ with a cup of cold water in one hand and the good news in the other.”

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April 2010: Kathryn Dean

Kathryn Dean is an editor who bought a 90-acre farm near Guelph six years ago and moved out from Toronto alone. She attends St. John’s Anglican Church in Rockwood. Alex Newman interviewed her in her large country kitchen, amidst tall cupboards, well worn counters, shelving stacked with china cups and baking ingredients, and a cat dozing in the window.

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Interview with Bp Michael Nazir-Ali


March 2010: Glenn Smith on Haiti

Earthquakes may qualify as acts of God. But don't try blaming the Almighty for the calamity gripping Haiti right now if you're talking to Glenn Smith. The director of Christian Direction in Montreal holds an honourary doctorate from Haiti's private universities for his contribution to Haiti's urban theological practice. For more than 15 years he has been travelling four times a year to Haiti where he helps train pastors to care for their cities. Human negligence, Smith tells Josiah Neufeld, and perhaps even a deficient theology are at least partly to blame for this tragedy.


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Feb 2010: Bruce Smith

Photo: Church Army

Bruce Smith, National Director, Church Army 

Recently Jane Harris-Zsovan spoke with Captain Bruce Smith, 54, National Director of the Church Army, about his more than 35 years in the Church Army in Canada as well as evangelism in the 21st Century. 

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