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One-third / two-thirds split: Anglican Church of Canada deeply divided 


Bishop Lydia Mamakwa of the Indigenous Spiritual Ministry of Mishamikoweesh spoke against the motion.  

(Photo: Sue Careless) 

By Sue Careless

A motion to solemnize same-sex marriage that passed by one clergy vote at its General Synod has revealed just how deeply divided the Anglican Church of Canada is today. 

Moreover, pastoral letters from its Primate and several bishops sent within days of synod closing on July 12 only confirm that the Church is not of one mind.

Several bishops who had voted in favour of the motion declared they would proceed

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A Statement from some Bishops of the Anglican Church of Canada July 15th, 2016

To all the faithful in the Anglican Church of Canada and the Anglican Communion

At its recent General Synod the Anglican Church of Canada took the first step in changing its Marriage Canon to allow for the solemnization of same sex marriages by its clergy.  The entire process, beginning with the hasty vote in 2013 and concluding with the vote and miscount this past week, has been flawed and has inflicted terrible hurt and damage on all involved.  We absolutely condemn homophobic prejudice and violence wherever it occurs, offer pastoral care and loving service to all irrespective of sexual orientation, and reject criminal sanctions against same-sex attracted people.

Though the change to the Marriage Canon would require a second vote in 2019 in order to come into effect, some bishops have vowed to proceed with same sex marriages immediately, contrary to the explicit doctrine and discipline set out in our constitution, canons and liturgies.

In passing resolution A051 R2 the General Synod has taken a further step in ordaining something contrary

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Life After Disaster 

By Sue Careless

AS A RAGING wildfire approached Fort McMurray, the Rev. Dane Neufeld told his young son that the Athabasca River would stop the fire in its march towards the city in northeast Alberta. But the fire progressed unimpeded, spreading across the river and forcing evacuation of the entire city.

“Daddy, you said fire couldn’t cross the river,” six-year-old Anton said, “but it did” — even the waters of the mighty Athabasca.

The wildfire was jumping over rivers and highways and by May 4th had engulfed Fort McMurray, forcing

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Canadian to lead one of the largest Anglican churches in U.S.

Rev. Canon Paul Donison

(Photo: ANIC)

(Staff)  A Canadian priest has been invited to serve as the rector of one of the largest Anglican congregations in North America. The Rev. Canon Paul Donison has agreed to serve at Christ Church in Plano, Texas, an Anglican parish near Dallas with several thousand members. Donison is currently rector of St. Peter’s and St. Paul’s Anglican Church in Ottawa. Both churches

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Faith leaders unite against assisted suicide 

(Staff)  WHEN THE SUPREME Court of Canada struck down the ban on assisted suicide in its unanimous Carter decision of Feb. 6th, 2015, it stipulated that Parliament must draft some new legislation within a set time frame. 

Hence, on June 6th there will be a free vote in the House of Commons on Bill C-14, which would allow euthanasia and assisted suicide for mentally competent persons who are 18 years or older, with “a serious and incurable illness, disease or disability,” who are “in an advanced state of irreversible decline in capability,” “enduring physical or psychological suffering that is intolerable to them” and whose “natural death has become reasonably foreseeable” (not necessarily imminent or certain).

While the proposed legislation does not allow for euthanizing children, the mentally ill or those living with dementia,

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