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Study Reveals a Protestant Miracle Comment


By Ronald Kydd

Recent news reports have pointed to a Protestant miracle: there are still some growing mainline Protestant churches in Canada.

Those unfamiliar with the religious landscape of our country will need to know that mainline Protestant Churches here – the Anglican, Lutheran, Presbyterian and United Churches – are a shadow of their former selves and, as a clergyperson in the mainline family, I’m genuinely saddened. At one time, up to about the end of the 1960s, they were the spiritual home of the majority of Canadians who weren’t practicing Catholics. But about four decades ago the number of attendees began to fall off and the downhill momentum has continued unabated – or so some thought.

The media have described a new academic study that not only found some growing mainline Protestant churches in Canada, but also identified a reason for this growth. Published in the peer-reviewed Review of Religious Research, under the bluntly descriptive title “Theology Matters,” the study found

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Co-founder of Out of the Cold, Tribute: Sister Susan Moran

Susan Moran was a tireless advocate for some of Toronto’s most vulnerable residents. 

(Supplied Photo)

SISTER SUSAN MORAN, the Toronto Roman Catholic nun who co-founded the Out of the Cold shelters for homeless people, died of a heart attack in Toronto on Dec. 18th. She was 78.

The Out of the Cold emergency shelters began in just a few Toronto church basements in 1987. They’re now offered at 16 locations

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New face on bank note: Viola Desmond found strength in her church 

Viola Desmond

By Fr. Raymond de Souza

LAST DECEMBER the Bank of Canada announced that Viola Desmond will be featured on the new $10 banknote, replacing Sir John A. Macdonald.

In 1946, Viola Desmond, a black businessperson, was charged after sitting in the whites-only section

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Diocese of Toronto: Controversial Consecration

More than the usual trepidation at this consecration: Archbishop Colin Johnson congratulates the new area bishops Jennifer Andison, Kevin Robertson and Riscylla Walsh Shaw.

Photo by Michael Hudson for the Diocese of Toronto

By Sue Careless 

JUST AS THERE is always some trepidation at a wedding when the clergy asks if there are any objections to the marriage, so there is some trepidation at the consecration of a bishop when the chief consecrator declares: “…if any of you know any reason why we should not proceed, let it now be made known” (Book of Alternative Services, p. 635).  

At the consecration of the Rev. Canon Kevin Robertson, an openly gay priest

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Iqaluit welcomes Ottawa Anglicans

Visitors enjoyed the chance to worship several times in the newly-rebuilt St. Jude’s Cathedral with all its Inuit art.

Photo: Eileen Mortimer      

By Frances Macdonnell

IN MID-AUGUST thirty-three Anglicans flew from Ottawa to Baffin Island, landing in Iqaluit, the capital of Nunavut, to embark on a week-long visit.

I had always wanted to take some teens to Iqaluit to help

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