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Appealing to Canterbury Over Recent Election

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

For years we have been told to ‘engage in the process.’ However, it has become apparent over the events of the last year that the progressive leaders of the Anglican Church of Canada have themselves become impatient with the process. They now seem to organise the canons and processes around their own agenda. L’Eglise c’est moi! Engaging in the process includes protesting when that process is being manipulated, thwarted and, quite simply, rigged. And so we are most grateful for the bold witness of the Rev’ds Henderson, Mercer and Sider-Hamilton in challenging their episcopal overlords on the misuse of their authority and in drawing it to the attention of the Archbishop of Canterbury. Whilst we recognise that Justin Welby has no canonical authority to intervene in the affairs of Canada, their letter will at least give him some sense of the true picture of the state

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Angels at War: 

(Public domain)

Gustav Dore’s 1866 engraving of St. Michael casting out rebel angels from heaven.

A Sermon for the Feast of Saint Michael and All Angels

BY Jason Postma

IN THE SPIRITUAL fervour of my teenage years, I was enraptured by the novels of Frank Peretti. Peretti’s appeal was rooted in his stark portrayal of the war between good and evil, particularly the sequences in which armour-clad angels waged battle against demons straight from the pit of hell. The earnest realism and cosmic scope of these scenes was both exhilarating and frightening, leading me to conclude

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Why women are more religious than men

WOMEN are in general more likely to believe in and practice a religion than men are. The difference is not vast if you aggregate all creeds and countries (83.4% of women identify with a faith versus 79.9% of men) but for certain countries and faiths the gap is striking. In America, 60% of women see religion as very significant in their lives versus 47% of men, according to Pew Research, a think-tank in Washington, DC. Across the world, female Muslims are only fractionally more devout than their male co-religionists, but Christian women far outstrip men in their levels of piety.

One factor is that in the practice of long-established religions, women have more staying power

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God’s Midlife Crisis

(Photo: Sue Careless)

The Editorial 
By C. Peter Molloy


IT IS ENTIRELY possibly that I am going through a midlife crisis. Many of my friends are approaching their middle years and are reinventing themselves. Often this involves making decisions that seem disconnected from the first half of their lives. Being a bit of an emotional hypochondriac, I took an online quiz. It went like this:

1. Are you having an affair?

2. Are you more concerned about your appearance?

3. Are you making unusual choices?

4. Have your decisions caused you to be in conflict with or sever ties with your family and friends?

There were more, but you get the idea. Just for the record: Praise God, “No” to 1 and 4. And I don’t think

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God for Us: A Homily for Trinity Sunday

(Photo: Tyler Olson / Shutterstock)

By Joey Royal

SHORTLY BEFORE EASTER three men went missing on Baffin Island in the Canadian Arctic. They had left Iqaluit travelling on snowmobiles, and were headed for a community located several hundred kilometres away. When they failed to arrive after a few days, people became worried. Search parties were organized – some on snowmobiles, some in planes. At some point the military got involved. A Hercules aircraft began to scour the vast snowy sprawl that makes up the South Baffin region. More than a week went by and there was still no sign of them. People began to fear the worst.

The Thursday after Easter many people gathered together at St. Jude’s Cathedral in Iqaluit. The occasion was a healing service, but since the missing men

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