Alberta: Adoption ban reversed  
Wednesday, May 30, 2018 at 08:38PM

(Staff) THE ALBERTA GOVERNMENT has reversed a decision which denied an evangelical Christian couple’s request to adopt a child because of their religious views on sexuality and gender identity.

The unnamed Edmonton couple, identified only as C.D. and N.D. in court documents, filed for a judicial review last year after their application to adopt was rejected.

The Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms, arguing that the decision violated their Charter rights to religious freedom, helped with the court case.

Centre lawyer John Carpay said the couple is thrilled the province has changed its mind and still plans to adopt.

“The government has no right to discriminate on the basis of religion when looking at couples who are seeking to adopt,” Carpay said on May 2nd.

“You can’t say that someone can’t become an adoptive parent because they’re Muslim, they’re Jewish or because they’re evangelical Christian.”

He said the couple made it clear from the beginning that they had biblical views on marriage, sexuality and gender, but would love and accept any child who joined their family.

“But that’s not to say you approve of all behaviours,” Carpay said.

The husband was adopted himself as a newborn, and the wife said her heart ached for “the older children in foster care that I have met, who I know are unlikely to ever get adopted because of their age. I want to offer kids like these a home and show them that they are valued.” 

The court application for a review detailed that the couple, unable to conceive children, first applied to adopt in 2016. They were interviewed several times and a recommendation was made for approval but, after further questions about their beliefs regarding sexuality, they were ultimately rejected.

“Biblical principles are the foundation of our home,” said the wife. “As such, we believe that homosexuality is wrong. We will not treat sexuality as something to be ‘discovered or explored’ until after marriage.”

She also wrote in a court affidavit that she and her husband recognized that “young adults will choose what they wish to choose. Our hope is that by providing a stable, loving home, and openly discussing our values (and reasons for them) with our child/ren they would want to follow our example. Ultimately a parent’s love is not, and should not be given based on the decisions and actions of a child. It’s unconditional and filled with grace and mercy…”

When they were told that supervisors with Alberta Child and Family Services (CFS) were concerned that the couple might “return” a child if he or she struggled with their sexuality, the woman wrote that “We would never do such a thing. We would never reject a child in our care….”

That night they received a rejection letter from CFS claiming that they “would be unable to help a child who had sexual identity issues.” 

In her affidavit the woman said, “…we have and will continue to treat all same-sex attracted individuals with respect.”

A CFS supervisor told the couple last May that their religious beliefs about sexuality were incompatible with the adoption process and moreover, that this was “the official position of the Alberta government.” 

Karin Campbell, a spokeswoman with CFS, said the decision was rescinded in December and the couple has since been approved for adoption.

Carpay said the court case isn’t over yet. It has been adjourned until the couple formally adopts a child.

“Once that process is completed, the litigation will be formally brought to an end.”   TAP 

 –Sources: CTV News & The National Post 

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