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Newborn found in manger

On Nov. 23rd the custodian on duty at the Holy Child of Jesus Church in New York beheld a scene straight out of Scripture. He heard a baby’s cry and found a newborn wrapped in towels lying inside the wooden manger of the church’s indoor nativity scene.

The infant, who weighed about five pounds, still had his umbilical cord attached. When emergency crews arrived, his eyes remained closed, his slight arms outstretched. Doctors said the baby had been born just four to five hours before he was found, and was in good health.

“For unto us a child is born,” Rev. Christopher Ryan Heanue announced on the parish’s Facebook page. “Let us pray for this child, for his parents and for whomever will receive him into their home.”

The baby’s mother, who has not been identified, likely entered the church while the custodian was away on his lunch break.

New York has a “safe haven” law that protects from prosecution anyone who anonymously leaves a newborn in certain designated locations, such as hospitals, firehouses, police stations and churches. But the adult is obligated to leave the newborn in someone’s care or to notify authorities immediately that a baby has been left at a safe haven, neither of which happened in this case.

“It wasn’t abandonment,” Heanue told the press. “It was placing him in the hands of God.”

A family in the Roman Catholic parish has already offered to adopt the newborn. The nativity scene had been newly-prepared by the custodian on the day of the baby’s birth – just in time for the early Christmas miracle that awaited that afternoon.  TAP         –Extract from Washington Post 

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