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Newborn found in manger

On Nov. 23rd the custodian on duty at the Holy Child of Jesus Church in New York beheld a scene straight out of Scripture. He heard a baby’s cry and found a newborn wrapped in towels lying inside the wooden manger of the church’s indoor nativity scene.

The infant, who weighed about five pounds, still had his umbilical cord attached. When emergency crews arrived, his eyes remained closed, his slight arms outstretched. Doctors said the baby had been born just

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Yup’ik Bible published

Translating the new Yup’ik Bible.

(Photo: Canadian Bible Society)

THE YUP’IK-SPEAKING people of the Southwestern Arctic now have the complete Bible in their own language, thanks to the help of the Canadian Bible Society. The volume has been sixty years in development.

Yup’ik is the aboriginal Inuit language of people who reside in western and south central Alaska. About 12,000 people live in that region, of which only about 3,000 are Yup’ik speakers. Many of the younger people

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Marriage redefined by The Episcopal Church

By Sharon Dewey Hetke 

MAJOR CHANGES to church law as well as the election of a new leader dominated the General Convention of The Episcopal Church (TEC) when it gathered in Salt Lake City, Utah from June 25 to July 3.  

On June 30, the House of Bishops passed resolutions to provide new marriage liturgies as well as to make changes to Canon 18, which governs the Church’s practice on marriage. Both the new liturgies and the revised Canon are ambiguous

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New York City: Faith groups granted after-hours school space for worship

By Nicola Menzie

THE NEW YORK City Council passed a resolution May 22nd in support of Christians and other faith groups being granted “equal access” to gather for worship on public school property after hours. The 38-11 vote is seen as another sign of progress in a lengthy battle that threatens the right of Christians and other faith groups to use such spaces to gather for worship.

“We had a huge, huge victory today,” Pastor Bill Devlin said of the “Right to Worship” resolution,

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Mere Anglicanism: Holy City hosts ‘Behold the Man!’

Paul Barnett (Photo: Sue Careless)

By Sue Careless

FOR ALMOST a decade Mere Anglicanism has attracted clergy and laity alike for thought-provoking presentations and glorious choral worship in the community that has been dubbed the Holy City because of its many spires. 

About 280 people gathered at the eighth and largest annual Conference in Charleston, South Carolina, Jan. 24th-26th to hear stimulating talks on the theme: “Behold the Man!: The Person and Work of Jesus Christ.” While it was mostly theologians who spoke from the podium, the audience they were addressing was not predominantly academic so their talks had to be clear and concise.

Two scholarly bishops addressed the gathering. The Rt. Rev. Dr. Paul Barnett, an historian of ancient history and a former Anglican Bishop of North Sydney, Australia, said “I could not reject the historical reliability of the New Testament,

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