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BBC’s head of religion an atheist

James Purnell says that ’...the issues around belief are incredibly important to how we live.’ (Photo:

(Staff)  THE BBC’s new director of religious programming has disclosed that he is an atheist. James Purnell was speaking on Radio 4’s Today program to promote the BBC’s commitment to setting up a new unit for improving religious coverage.

But the ex-Labour MP stunned many

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Mothers’ Union to aid families in tower tragedy 

Grenfell Tower fire. (Photo: Natalie Oxford)

AS PART OF a united and co-ordinated effort from members in Anglican dioceses across the United Kingdom, Mothers’ Union is planning to support families who were affected by the horrendous London tower block fire tragedy in June by offering holidays under

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UK & Australia: Scottish decision spurs GAFCON to action and roils Australia

Bishop Andy Lines (Photo: GAFCON)

By Sharon Dewey Hetke

ON JUNE 8th, the synod of the Scottish Episcopal Church voted to approve same-sex marriages. The first church in the UK to do so, Scotland joins The Episcopal Church in making this doctrinal change that has caused significant division in the 80-million member worldwide Communion. The Scottish Church’s definition of marriage will be made gender-neutral and a clause introduce

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Church of England views ACNA orders as valid

By Donald Allister

 WHEN CLERGY of one denomination wish to serve in another, there usually has to be some agreement between the two church bodies to recognize each other’s clergy or holy orders. This is particularly true at an international level. Up until this February clergy, whether bishops, priests or deacons, serving in the Anglican Church of North America (ACNA) were not recognized and accepted officially by the Church of England as having valid orders. Such clergy would have to be ordained again

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True identity in Christ: Archbishop of Canterbury handles news of his parentage with grace

 ‘My identity is founded in who I am in Christ,’ says Justin Welby. Below: Sir Anthony Montague Browne, Welby’s biological father. (Supplied Photos)

The Telegraph

AFTER TAKING a DNA test to disprove rumours about his paternity, the Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby has learned that the rumours were true. His biological father was the last private secretary of Winston Churchill, Sir Anthony Montague Browne.

His mother, Jane Gillian Portal, who also worked for Churchill until 1955, had a brief liaison with Sir Anthony, shortly before she eloped

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