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Church of England views ACNA orders as valid

By Donald Allister

 WHEN CLERGY of one denomination wish to serve in another, there usually has to be some agreement between the two church bodies to recognize each other’s clergy or holy orders. This is particularly true at an international level. Up until this February clergy, whether bishops, priests or deacons, serving in the Anglican Church of North America (ACNA) were not recognized and accepted officially by the Church of England as having valid orders. Such clergy would have to be ordained again

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True identity in Christ: Archbishop of Canterbury handles news of his parentage with grace

 ‘My identity is founded in who I am in Christ,’ says Justin Welby. Below: Sir Anthony Montague Browne, Welby’s biological father. (Supplied Photos)

The Telegraph

AFTER TAKING a DNA test to disprove rumours about his paternity, the Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby has learned that the rumours were true. His biological father was the last private secretary of Winston Churchill, Sir Anthony Montague Browne.

His mother, Jane Gillian Portal, who also worked for Churchill until 1955, had a brief liaison with Sir Anthony, shortly before she eloped

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US soldier honoured for rescuing Jews

Master Sgt. Roddie Edmonds

(Photo: Yad Vashem)

By Aron Heller

THE NAZI officers made their orders very clear: Jewish American prisoners of war were to be separated from their fellow soldiers and sent to an uncertain fate.

But Master Sgt. Roddie Edmonds would have none of that. As the highest-ranking non-commissioned officer held in the German POW camp, he ordered more than 1,000 American captives to step forward with him and brazenly pronounced: “We are all Jews here.”

He would not waver

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Paris terror attacks

‘Perhaps it is in the darkest hours that the light shines out the brightest,’ says Archbishop Mouneer Anis.

(Photo: Sue Careless)

Statement by Archbishop Mouneer Anis

Many world leaders spoke out after the Nov. 13th terrorist attacks in Paris that killed at least 130 people and left 368 injured, nearly 100 critically. One of the most profound statements came from Anglican Archbishop Mouneer Anis of Egypt. We have reprinted it here in full for our readers:

ONCE AGAIN, the world has been shocked by acts of unspeakable violence and brutality. Once again, the world mourns with the families and friends of victims of tragedy. Once again, the world searches

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Church of England: ‘Dumbed-down’ Baptism


(Staff)  THE CHURCH of England is testing a new version of the baptism service in which parents and godparents are no longer asked to “repent of…sins” and “reject the devil.” In fact, sin is only mentioned once – in an optional prayer. And Christ is no longer called “Lord” and “Saviour” or “the way, the truth and the life.”

The new wording – which is being piloted in over 400 parishes until Easter – was devised to be more “culturally appropriate and accessible.”

In the older 1988 version, the minister asks: “Do you reject the devil and all rebellion against God?” prompting the reply: “I reject them.” Parents and godparents are then asked: “Do you repent of the sins that separate us from God and neighbour?” to which the expected reply is: “I repent of them.”

No mention of the devil or sin is made in the new version; parents and godparents are instead asked

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