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Seven for Winter

Photo: Sue Careless

Whether you are looking for a gift for a friend or a good book for yourself, consider these suggestions from two avid readers.   

Julie Lane-Gay is a writer and editor who lives in Vancouver with her husband, Craig, and their four children. She attends St John’s, Vancouver.   

Beneath Wandering Stars

Ashlee Cowles 

Merit Publishing, 2016


When I admitted to a friend that I had a longing to walk the Camino de Santiago, she mentioned

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Sexual Morality in a Christless World

By Matthew Rueger

Concordia Publishing House, 2016

176 pages, $14 

REVIEWED BY Tim Challies

THE TIMES are changing. Sexual morality in the West is undergoing nothing less than a revolution as traditional morality gives way to something radically different. The former morality, based on the Christian Scriptures, is being shoved aside by a new one that not only departs from the Bible, but outright rejects it. Meanwhile, Christians who abide by those traditional sexual morals are increasingly seen as outcasts, backward people

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Can pain be good for you?


Endearing Pain: Life Lessons

from MS Afflictions

By Colleen Peters

Resource Publications,

Wipf and Stock Publishers, 2016.

130 pages, $18

I’m either well qualified to review this book of theologically-informed reflections on living with Multiple Sclerosis (MS), or too engaged to comment fairly. For at least two reasons, I’m inclined to take Endearing Pain personally.

For starters, MS has had a big impact in my own household. My wife, Margaret, was diagnosed

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Torah Light: Insights from the Books of Moses

By Rob Robotham 

By Alan Gilman

CreateSpace, 2014 Softcover,

240 pages, $20.00

DO YOU SPEND as much time reading the Old Testament as the New? Many Christians I know say the New Testament seems more relevant to them.

Solid foundations are important not only to buildings but to theology as well. A house or skyscraper, without a strong foundation, will not be able to stand. The entire building could collapse. Alan Gilman, a Jewish believer in Jesus, emphasizes that’s how the Torah – the first five books of the Old Testament – relates to the rest of the Bible. Gilman writes that the Torah permeates and informs the rest of the Bible; indeed, it is the foundation that supports the entire Bible.

Think for a moment of how weak and confusing the rest of the Bible would be without the Torah – it undergirds

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A Shield in the Shadows

Reviewed by Amy Anderson

By L.A. Racines

Xulon Press, 2015 Softcover,

358 pages (including glossary and maps), $19.49

HUMAN MIGRATION is a hot topic right now. The international response to the Syrian refugee crisis has raised all kinds of questions, both in the Church and outside of it: with so many people driven from their homes and countries, where will they all go? Do those who are safe and secure have an obligation to help, even to share their own land and resources? And what happens when the needs of the displaced conflict with those of the settled residents into whose territory they flee?

L.A. Racines’ historical novel, A Shield in the Shadows, is a timely reminder that these questions are nothing new. Set in the 5th century BCE, the story revolves around Marius, a Roman officer, and Theona, a Gothic Christian whose village is destroyed by marauding Huns. As Marius and his troops prepare

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