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Trinity, 2012: Benjamin Arreak & Hart Wiens

Bishop Benjamin Arreak, the project coordinator for the Inuktitut Bible translation team, and Hart Wiens, the director of translations for the Canadian Bible Society (CBS), talk with Sue Careless about the newly completed Inuktitut Bible.

The new Inuktitut Bible marks many firsts. Hart Wiens and Bishop Benjamin Arreak discuss the new translation.
Photos: Sue careless

TAP: Pentecost holds a special significance for Bible translators, doesn’t it?
Hart Wiens: “Yes. At Babel, God responded to the people’s arrogance by confusing their languages, but at Pentecost he reversed this and allowed

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Easter, 2012: Richard Chartres

(Photo: Sue Careless)

At the January 2012 Mere Anglicanism Conference, C. Peter Molloy sat down with The Lord Bishop of London, Richard Chartres, to discuss life, ministry, royal weddings and, interestingly, speculation about the retirement of the Archbishop of Canterbury.

TAP: Reading various biographical accounts, it would seem that one of the significant influences on your

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Lent, 2012: Brett Cane

(Photo: Sue careless)

Debra Fieguth talks with Brett Cane who, after four decades of ministry in the Anglican Church of Canada as well as leadership in the Anglican Communion Alliance, is set to retire. Or is he?

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Christmastide, 2011: David Smith

(Photo: Sharon dewey Hetke)

David Smith talks with Sharon Dewey Hetke about his work as a deacon – which has included prison ministry and the establishment of Morningstar Mission in Napanee, Ont. David is a “permanent deacon”: his goal is not ordination

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Advent, 2011: Don Harvey

(Photo: Sue Careless)

Sue Careless talks with the Moderator of the Anglican Network in Canada a week before his denomination’s General Synod.

TAP: How do you answer those who claim that you are leading a rebellious, breakaway church that is creating more divisions?
DH: I was ordained in 1963. The things I taught and believed then are exactly the same as I am teaching now. If anyone is a breakaway it is probably the Anglican Church of Canada. They’re the ones who have changed their doctrines. ANiC had two objectives

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