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Anglican training school to reopen in Nunavut

The newly opened school will be run from the diocese’s cathedral in Iqaluit.

(Photo: The Diocese of the Arctic)
By Meagan Gillmore

THE ANGLICAN DIOCESE of the Arctic plans to reopen the Arthur Turner Training School (ATTS) in September, returning an opportunity for higher theological education to Canada’s North.

The school originally opened in 1970 in Pangnirtung, a community in southeastern Baffin Island in Nunavut, and then closed in 2007

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Nicholls new bishop for Huron 

Linda Nicholls

(Supplied Photo)

(Staff)  ON FEB. 13th Linda Nicholls was elected coadjutor bishop of the diocese of Huron. She has served as Suffragan (or assistant) bishop of Toronto and area bishop of Trent-Durham since 2008.

Nicholls won on the third ballot from a slate of eight candidates. As coadjutor bishop, she will  become bishop of Huron when the current bishop, Robert Bennett, retires.

The election was called after the former Suffragan Bishop, Terry Dance, announced

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Shaw bishop-elect of Armed Forces 

Colonel the Venerable Nigel Shaw’s flock is dispersed all over the globe, wherever 

Canadian troops may be deployed. (Supplied Photo)

By Sue Careless

MOST CANADIAN bishops in the Anglican Church of Canada preside over a flock with a distinct geographical boundary, but there are a few exceptions. One is the Anglican Bishop Ordinary to the Canadian Armed Forces. His flock is dispersed all over the globe, wherever Canadian troops may be deployed.

Until this year, primates appointed the Bishop Ordinary, but on March 5th, an electoral college of 14 members electronically elected the new bishop, Colonel the Venerable Nigel Shaw, from a slate of four candidates. 

Shaw succeeds retiring Bishop Ordinary Peter Coffin; the former Chaplain

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Office of Religious Freedom may be axed

 (Staff)  THERE ARE growing concerns that the Office of Religious Freedom (ORF), which was established in 2013 under the Conservative government, may be axed by the current Liberal administration. Given that ORF’s mandate expires at the end of March and no formal announcement on its future has been made, there is much speculation that it will be shut down shortly. 

ORF was established inside the Foreign Affairs Department (now known as Global Affairs Canada) and Andrew Bennett was appointed its first ambassador for three years. His term, which was set to expire Feb. 19th, has been extended until at least the end of March.

Global Affairs Minister Stéphane Dion has recently argued

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Canadian discovery: Wife of Henry VIII wrote BCP prayer

Women, such as Katherine Parr, were not only authors of prayers for public worship, but they were also editors.

(The Melton Constable or Hastings portrait of Queen Catherine)

A CANADIAN university professor has discovered that the Prayer for the Monarch, contained in the 1662 Book of Common Prayer and retained by many Anglican provinces, in one form or another, was written by Katherine Parr, the last wife of Henry VIII, and selected for use in the BCP by Queen Elizabeth I.

Professor Micheline White made her “accidental” discovery

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