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UofT Debate: Is God a Figment of Our Imagination? 

Alister McGrath (top) and Michael Shermer (below). Photos: Dhoui Chang/Wycliffe


ALMOST A THOUSAND people, 45 percent of them students, assembled in Convocation Hall at the University of Toronto Sept. 15th to hear a debate on the topic: “Is God a figment of our imagination?” 

Alister McGrath, the atheist who became a theist, and Michael Shermer, the theist who became an atheist, spoke for two hours in what proved to be

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Icon Writing with Children

What are icons and how can they enrich our faith and worship? How are icons created? These are some of the questions Kate, Bella and Eric explored this summer. Photos: Sue Careless

By Siobhan Laskey

AT ST. MICHAEL’S YOUTH CONFERENCE (Maritimes) one of the highlights for the teens, and indeed everyone, is the Friday night pageant when the upper level students relate the story of our salvation through a series of narrated tableaus. As the story begins

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Just One More Time

The Parable of the Unmerciful Servant, c. 1556, by Jan van Hemessen. (Painting: Public Domain)

By Tim Perry

IF YOU’VE GROWN UP in church – as I have – if you’ve spent significant chunks of your summers at church camps or Vacation Bible Schools – as I have – you know the parable of the unforgiving servant very well.

Whether it’s familiar or not, I think it’s off-putting. Unnerving. Frightening, even. And I also think

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The Light from Nashville


Photo: Sue Careless

By C. Peter Molloy

I HAVE BEEN thinking about the value of the kinds of public statements that theologians and pastors have been making lately There have been a quite a few out in quick succession – I hope you have been able to keep up.

In light of the 500th anniversary of the Reformation

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Six for Summer

Photo: Sue Careless

Our West Coast friends, Bill Reimer and Julie Lane Gay, have again offered us their cool ideas for warm summer reading.

Julie Lane Gay is a writer and editor who lives in Vancouver with her husband, Craig, and their four children. She attends St John’s, Vancouver. 


Imago Mundi: Poems

Loren Wilkinson

Regent College Publishing, 2016

I have always been excluded from the poetry club. I’m not sure if I’m too dense or too hasty. But this last winter a friend mentioned that during Lent she was working through a collection of poems, Imago Mundi, and, lacking an alternative, I surmised that doing the same would at least be an acceptable Lenten discipline.

With poems titled “The Christ of Charlie Edenshaw,” “Cello’s Concerto,” and “The Necessity of Snowshoes,” you know you are in for

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