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Canadian discovery: Wife of Henry VIII wrote BCP prayer

Women, such as Katherine Parr, were not only authors of prayers for public worship, but they were also editors.

(The Melton Constable or Hastings portrait of Queen Catherine)

A CANADIAN university professor has discovered that the Prayer for the Monarch, contained in the 1662 Book of Common Prayer and retained by many Anglican provinces, in one form or another, was written by Katherine Parr, the last wife of Henry VIII, and selected for use in the BCP by Queen Elizabeth I.

Professor Micheline White made her “accidental” discovery

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New co-adjutor bishop for Quebec diocese 

Bruce Myers says he would like to bring a sense of hope to the role of bishop of Quebec.

(Supplied photo)


THE ANGLICAN CHURCH of Canada’s co-ordinator for ecumenical and interfaith relations has been selected to be the Diocese of Quebec’s co-adjutor bishop. On Nov. 27th Archdeacon Bruce Myers was elected on the sixth ballot from a slate of six candidates.

This spring Myers intends to travel the diocese to become more familiar with its people and communities, as well as working out a transition plan with Bishop Dennis Drainville, who plans to retire in 2017.

Myers says he would like to bring a sense of hope

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Palliative care inadequate

By Kristy Kirkup

FEDERAL and provincial governments need to guarantee access to palliative care, the Canadian Cancer Society said Jan. 12th as it released a report on the state of care across the country.

In its findings, the society said critically ill patients are falling through the cracks of the health care system. In the absence of national standards, individual jurisdictions are left

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New places of worship restricted

Mindy Pollak

 (Photo: Mindy Pollak)

By Graeme Hamilton

DESPITE CLAIMS of discrimination and a threat of legal action, the Montreal borough of Outremont approved a bylaw Dec. 9th that would relegate all new places of worship to an out-of-the-way industrial corner.

Members of Montreal’s Hasidic Jewish community, who make up more than 20 per cent of the population, say they are directly targeted by the measure

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Desiring the Kingdom

Christian Formation in the Here and Now

James K.A. Smith spoke 

in Tyndale’s chapel.

(Photo: Sue Careless)

By Sue Careless

 “You can’t think your way to holiness,” American philosopher James K.A. Smith told a conference on spiritual formation held on Oct. 22-24 in Toronto.

Smith grew up unchurched in southwestern Ontario. Now, as a professor at Calvin College in Grand Rapids, Michigan, he urges Anglicans to appreciate their rich liturgical heritage. He spoke while standing in what was formerly a Roman Catholic convent that today serves as Tyndale University and Seminary, an evangelical Protestant school.

The conference theme was “Desiring the Kingdom,” derived from Smith’s book of that title.

Smith spoke in the beautiful chapel of what had been the motherhouse of the Sisters of St Joseph. The Vatican approved transferring to Protestant hands on the condition that Tyndale commit to maintaining the aesthetically significant chapel as sacred space.

As Smith argued that “humans are more than brains-on-sticks,” and that Christian worship therefore needs to entice the imagination

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