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Whole-life Disciples 

John Paul and Chris Lake (lower photo) were keynote speakers at this year’s Refresh! conference. 

Story and Photos by Sue Careless

ALL CHRISTIANS, but laypeople especially, struggle with how to connect their Sunday mornings with their Monday mornings. How do we integrate our spiritual life with our worlds of work, home and play?

For the past 12 years Wycliffe College, a graduate theological school at the University of Toronto, has offered a spring conference called “Refresh!” The theme of this year’s

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The ‘7-Eleven Man’ Finds Peace

Ken Shigematsu uses a wooden yoke to 

illustrate how ‘We were made to be yoked 

to something or someone.’  

Photo: Sue Careless

By Sue Careless

Ken Shigematsu knows firsthand the demanding pressures of the modern world. For several years he worked for the Sony Corporation in Tokyo as a ‘7-Eleven man,’ frantically clocking in long hours with barely time to sleep or eat.

When he entered full-time ministry, he wanted to avoid a similar busyness but the pressure proved

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Where is Unity in a Theologically Divided Church? 

At the day-long seminar, organized by the Anglican Communion Alliance, Ephraim Radner spoke of a possible way forward for Anglicanism. Photo: Orvin Lao / ACA

By Sharon Dewey Hetke

In a March 25 gathering of 70 Anglicans at Wycliffe College in Toronto, the mood was serious, but calm and devout. The day-long seminar, organized by the Anglican Communion Alliance, had as its subject “Where is Unity in a Theologically Divided Church?” In the wake of General Synod 2016’s first-reading approval of the motion to amend the Marriage Canon to include same-sex couples, this event was part of an effort to strengthen and encourage the theologically orthodox

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The Berberian Family: The First Year

Members of St Matthew’s enjoy a visit to the Syria exhibit at the Aga Khan Museum in Toronto with the Berberian family, pictured from the far right: Parents Aroush & Marika, Narod (22 months), Mother Terez  (the grandmother), and Tereza (5). (Supplied Photo)

By Catherine Sider Hamilton

ON THE DESK in front of me there is a picture: Aroush and Marika, Tereza and little Narod, surrounded by Christmas trees covered in snow. It is their first real tree (in Syria, for obvious reasons, the Armenian Orthodox use artificial trees) and they are enchanted by the snow. Marika said with a smile as the girls threw snow in the air, “We are happy today. It is a real Canadian day!”

There have been many “firsts” this year: our first glimpse

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Study Reveals a Protestant Miracle: Comment


By Ronald Kydd

Recent news reports have pointed to a Protestant miracle: there are still some growing mainline Protestant churches in Canada.

Those unfamiliar with the religious landscape of our country will need to know that mainline Protestant Churches here – the Anglican, Lutheran, Presbyterian and United Churches – are a shadow of their former selves and, as a clergyperson in the mainline family, I’m genuinely saddened. At one time

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