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British Columbia: Suffering and Serving in the Midst of Wildfires

‘The entire interior of B.C. is on fire – one third of the province,’ said Ken Gray, dean of St Paul’s Cathedral in Kamloops in July. (Photo: Territory of the People Anglican Church)

By Sue Careless

THIS YEAR has been British Columbia’s worst fire season in history. The provincial state of emergency that was first declared on July 8th has now been extended until Sept. 15th and could be extended yet again.  

“The entire interior of B.C. is on fire

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Peacocks and Parish Children



Klaudia Raniszewska connects with families whose children her church had baptized – as long ago as 10 years – but with whom it had lost touch. Photo: Sue Careless

By Sue Careless

Anglican Church of Canada parishes don’t turn away parents who bring their children to be baptized – however tenuous the family’s connection to

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‘I’m Going to Trust Him’

Jacob Worley is confident ‘that the Lord is orchestrating all of this.‘

Supplied Photo

By Sue Careless

THE REV. JACOB ‘Jake’ Worley called a diocesan synod “an amazing experience of the Holy Spirit” when he was elected Bishop of Caledonia. He still sees it that way after a majority of bishops in his province rejected his election.

“I still believe that the Holy Spirit moved at the election, as do others who were there,” he told The Anglican Planet. “And I believe that I am the Lord’s choice

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Comment: It’s time to change the narrative around religion in Canada

Graph: Angus Reid


ALMOST 150 years following Confederation, faith continues to play a significant and positive role in Canada’s civic life. Faith was a central part of the Canadian project in 1867, be it through recognition of religious freedom for Quebec’s Roman Catholics, the principles enshrined in Common Law, or by borrowing from the Book of Psalms for Canada’s official motto “From Sea to Sea.”

On April 15th new polling by the Angus Reid Institute conducted

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New leaders in ACA

Sharon Dewey Hetke, the new National Director of the ACA. Photo: Beatrice Hetke

(Staff)  IT SAYS A LOT about a leader that when she steps down it takes two people to fill her shoes.

Dr. Roseanne Kydd has retired as Chair of the Anglican Communion Alliance. By a unanimous decision, the ACA board has appointed the Rev. Dr. David Smith as its new Chair.

But the board went further. For many years it had discussed the need for a national director to carry through on the board’s initiatives. Then on April 29 in Toronto, the ACA announced it had made the unanimous decision to appoint Sharon Dewey Hetke as National Director.

The ACA sees its vision as being “a theological and spiritual rallying point for historic Christian orthodoxy

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