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Diocese of Toronto: Controversial Consecration

More than the usual trepidation at this consecration: Archbishop Colin Johnson congratulates the new area bishops Jennifer Andison, Kevin Robertson and Riscylla Walsh Shaw.

Photo by Michael Hudson for the Diocese of Toronto

By Sue Careless 

JUST AS THERE is always some trepidation at a wedding when the clergy asks if there are any objections to the marriage, so there is some trepidation at the consecration of a bishop when the chief consecrator declares: “…if any of you know any reason why we should not proceed, let it now be made known” (Book of Alternative Services, p. 635).  

At the consecration of the Rev. Canon Kevin Robertson, an openly gay priest

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Iqaluit welcomes Ottawa Anglicans

Visitors enjoyed the chance to worship several times in the newly-rebuilt St. Jude’s Cathedral with all its Inuit art.

Photo: Eileen Mortimer      

By Frances Macdonnell

IN MID-AUGUST thirty-three Anglicans flew from Ottawa to Baffin Island, landing in Iqaluit, the capital of Nunavut, to embark on a week-long visit.

I had always wanted to take some teens to Iqaluit to help

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Food banks: Stocking a Syrian pantry

(Staff)  OVER 35,000 Syrian refugees have arrived in Canada between Nov.4, 2015 and Nov. 20, 2016. In fact, 344 communities across the country have welcomed them.

Whether or not you directly helped sponsor a Syrian refugee, you can donate food suitable for a Syrian pantry to a local food bank. Refugees and immigrants from Iran, Lebanon, Jordan and Turkey also would appreciate these foods. Most of them can be purchased in a regular supermarket.

According to Food Banks Canada’s HungerCount report, 13 percent of people who used food banks in the past year were immigrants or refugees

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Toronto election stirs new controversy



Photos: ACC Diocese of Toronto

The Rev. Riscylla Walsh Shaw, the Rev. Kevin Robertson and the Rev. Jenny Andison were recently elected as bishops suffragan in Toronto. Some are questioning the legitimacy of the whole election.

By Sharon Dewey Hetke

ON SEPT. 17, the Diocese of Toronto elected three new bishops – and in doing so escalated the conflict over same-sex relationships in the Anglican Church of Canada.

Over three separate elections, a slate of 12 candidates was winnowed down and three Toronto priests emerged as new suffragans (assistant bishops) to oversee areas in Canada’s numerically largest diocese. 

In the first election, on the 7th ballot, The Rev. Riscylla Walsh Shaw was chosen to oversee Trent-Durham (replacing Bp. Linda Nicholls who is now coadjutor in the Diocese of Huron); in the 2nd election on the 4th ballot, the Rev. Kevin Robertson was chosen to serve York-Scarborough (replacing retired Bp. Patrick Yu); and in the 3rd election, The Rev. Jenny Andison was chosen on the third ballot to serve York-Credit Valley (following the retirement of The Rt. Rev. Philip Poole).

Robertson, 45, has served as a priest in the Diocese of Toronto since 1997 and is in a same-sex relationship but is not married to his partner. 

In early July, several Toronto clergy, The Rev. Dr. Catherine Sider-Hamilton, The Rev. Dr. Dean Mercer and The Rev. Murray Henderson, had written to the Nominations Committee, to Archbishop Colin Johnson and to Chancellor Clare Burns, asking about the legitimacy of the whole election

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Germond new bishop of Algoma

Photo: Church of the Ascension, Sudbury

Anne Germond

(Staff)  ON OCT. 14th delegates to the episcopal electoral synod in Sault Ste. Marie elected the Venerable Anne Germond as the 11th Bishop of Algoma.

A capable administrator, Germond surprised fellow delegates by initially declining to be nominated. Her husband has been seriously ill. Then she surprised them again by allowing her name to be put forward from the floor and joining the ballot after another nominee dropped out. In so doing, whether intentionally or not, she avoided the formal vetting process. She was elected

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