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Province of Canada: New Metropolitan 

Ronald Cutler Photo: St. Peter Publications

(Staff)  THE RT. REV. Ronald Cutler, Bishop of the Diocese of Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island, has been elected as the next Metropolitan of the Ecclesiastical Province of Canada, succeeding Archbishop Percy Coffin. The vote was taken electronically in early May.

The Anglican Church of Canada is divided into 30 dioceses which are grouped under four provinces: British Columbia and Yukon, Rupert’s Land, Ontario and Canada.

The Ecclesiastical Province of Canada is the most easterly and consists of the Dioceses of Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island, Quebec, Fredericton, Montreal, Eastern Newfoundland and Labrador, Central Newfoundland, and Western Newfoundland.

Each province is presided over by a Metropolitan and a Provincial Synod normally meets every three years.

Describing his vision for the Province of Canada, the new Archbishop-elect said, “The gatherings of the Province may be the place where we share the ways in which we are seeking to engage God’s mission in these times [of change] and how we might best resource the faith communities where disciples are made, nurtured and formed.”

Last year at General Synod, Cutler was one of 26 bishops who voted for changing the Marriage Canon to recognize same-sex marriage. Thirteen bishops opposed the motion.   TAP

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