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New leaders in ACA

Sharon Dewey Hetke, the new National Director of the ACA. Photo: Beatrice Hetke

(Staff)  IT SAYS A LOT about a leader that when she steps down it takes two people to fill her shoes.

Dr. Roseanne Kydd has retired as Chair of the Anglican Communion Alliance. By a unanimous decision, the ACA board has appointed the Rev. Dr. David Smith as its new Chair.

But the board went further. For many years it had discussed the need for a national director to carry through on the board’s initiatives. Then on April 29 in Toronto, the ACA announced it had made the unanimous decision to appoint Sharon Dewey Hetke as National Director.

The ACA sees its vision as being “a theological and spiritual rallying point for historic Christian orthodoxy in the Anglican Church of Canada” and its mission to call that denomination to “embrace and live by its orthodox Christian heritage under the renewing guidance of The Holy Spirit.”

It wants to work not only within the ACC’s councils, but also to encourage those at the grass roots level by setting up local ACA chapters.

Dr. Kydd has served as Chair since September 2013, following in the footsteps of Canon Dr. Murray Henderson. Kydd spearheaded the 2015 conference “Desiring the Kingdom” and helped rally theological conservatives at General Synod 2016. “There were many challenges,” she said of her term, “but nothing to rival the rich blessings of fellowship and ministry with those committed to the Gospel of Christ.”

The new Chair lives in Prescott, Ont. with his wife, the Rev. Tracey Smith, and their two daughters. Dr. Smith earned his PhD at King’s College, Halifax focusing on the works of Augustine. He completed a Master of Divinity at Wycliffe College after which he took up parish ministry together with his wife in Saskatchewan.

Roseanne Kydd

Photo: Sue Careless

David Smith

Supplied Photo

Smith organized the recent symposium, “Where is Unity in a Theologically Divided Church?” He is convinced that true renewal of the church means “allowing our purposes and agendas to be reshaped by God’s purposes as revealed in Scripture,” and that unity within the Anglican Church can only be found that way. 

Dewey Hetke lives in Napanee with her husband, Richard, an Anglican priest, and their three children. She is Assistant Editor at The Anglican Planet and has worked at the paper since its inception in 2005. For the past three years she also has done Communications work for the Council of the North. Dewey Hetke is “deeply committed to helping ACA bring encouragement and resources to those who feel isolated, and who are frustrated when our Church has neglected its own traditions of biblical teaching and mission.” Both she and Smith hope to meet with Anglicans across the country, as the ACA seeks “to encourage renewal within each parish and diocese.”   TAP

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