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Western Newfoundland: Bishop-elect dies at age 45

(Staff)  THE DIOCESE of Western Newfoundland’s bishop-elect, Archdeacon John Meade, died at the age of 45 on Nov. 29, 2017.  Meade was elected Co-adjutor bishop last June, but was admitted to hospital later in the summer and remained there until his death.

John David Meade (Photo: Anglican Life)

The Diocese of Western Newfoundland’s 32 parishes are scattered across the western part of the island, and its See city is Corner Brook. Meade was to succeed Archbishop Percy Coffin in leading the diocese upon Coffin’s retirement on Dec. 31 of this year.  Coffin still plans to retire, but told the area’s regional paper, The Western Star, that the process of arranging for his replacement would unfold “in due time” and said, “I think it’s sufficient for us as a faith community here to acknowledge what we have lost and who we have lost in the person of John Meade,” said Coffin. “We need our time to dwell on that.” 

Coffin told the Star that Meade was chosen as Archdeacon in 2013 both for his excellent administrative skills and because of his strong faith. Coffin commended Meade’s dedication “despite significant illnesses along the road,” and said, “It was almost embarrassing for the rest of us to witness this man in such deplorable health to have such a positive outlook on things.” In an interview following his election, Meade told the Anglican Journal that he had suffered from Crohn’s disease since the age of 12.

Meade was born in Port aux Basques and served parishes in both Western and Central Newfoundland.  He and his wife, Kelly, lived most recently in Corner Brook, and the funeral service took place at the Cathedral of St. John the Evangelist on Dec. 1.   TAP

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