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Much to celebrate as congregation purchases leased facility

The largest and oldest Chinese Anglican congregation in Canada has struck a deal to purchase the facility it has been leasing. On Jan. 29th, the Anglican Network Church of the Good Shepherd in Vancouver officially closed the purchase of the church building at 189 West 11th Ave. at $3.4 million. The congregation was able to raise enough for the first installment and received pledges that over the next seven years will allow them to fully repay the mortgage on the building.

“This clearly demonstrates an amazing outworking of the miraculous providence of God, the sacrificial giving of leaders and parishioners, and the support of fellow Christians of other denominations local and abroad,” said church member, Nona Tong. “God shows us how to live and move forward by looking to Him and Him alone for provision.It brings us back to simple, basic faith and allows us as a community to experience the power and presence of our Lord in a very tangible way.”

The Chinese congregation has much to celebrate including its 120th anniversary this year. Over 250 people regularly attend Sunday services which are offered in both English and Cantonese. The church also provides 26 home and fellowship groups for its members as well as those inquiring into Christianity.

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