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Who is a bishop?

Anglican Essentials Federation has issued a statement saying its members are “disturbed by recent pronouncements and actions from those within our church concerning relations with those who have left the ACoC [Anglican Church of Canada] and are now aligned with the Anglican Network in Canada (ANiC).”
It then focused on one particular incident. “One such example is in the treatment of Bishop Malcolm Harding, former bishop of Brandon.” The Federation statement did not actually name James Njegovan but simply called him by his title continuing “the present Bishop of Brandon has said in his address to the recent Brandon Synod that Bishop Malcolm and Bishop Don Harvey are no longer bishops because they have left the Anglican Church of Canada. These godly men continue to exercise ministry as Anglican bishops under the auspices of the Province of the Southern Cone and ought to be recognized as such. We urge all Anglicans, of whatever ecclesial jurisdiction, to go beyond the letter of the law to embrace the spirit of the law and extend love and charity to those with whom we disagree.”
The Federation sees its ministry “as within the Anglican Church of Canada and seeks to call it to embrace and live by its historic Christian heritage.”

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